About Me

Hello, I’m Bilal, engineering manager who has senior full-stack web development experience. I’ve built and helped teams building pixel-perfect web sites and apps in reliable architecture. Started programming in 2006, working in the field professionally for about 12 years now. I’ve led web development teams for over 6 years. Currently living and working remotely in Turkey for 9 years.

I’ve been proudly using WordPress in a huge number of cases that clients and companies need, since I started my first professional journey in 2012. I started testing and using WP even before.

I’m the father of two beautiful girls. Love spending time and traveling with them.

This is the first version of my website/blog. I’ll be continuously improving and adding content and features here.

My Hobbies

  1. Biking
  2. Working on electronics + 3D Printing
  3. Fixing anything at home
  4. Reading tech updates
  5. Amateur photography

My Fun Facts

  1. I love categorizing, standardizing, automatizing and arranging anything
    • Anything like from my home to my daily work
    • Maybe that’s why I love lists, especially the ordered ones (<ol>)
  2. I respect creative designers a lot
  3. I like butterflies only if they are far away from me
  4. Don’t have a TV and I almost never watch or read news, but I’m still aware of what’s goin’ on around somehow
  5. I like to have only two color sets of goods at most: Navy Blue & Black/White
    • Clothes, watches, shoes, couches, phone, car, bag, anything…

My Motivators

  1. Solving a problem that’s never been solved by other people
  2. Working with people smarter than me
  3. Seeing the team I lead as started being independent to me
  4. Seeing my large scale project plan works well and very few changes needed until the end
  5. Seeing my project is being used and loved by thousands of users, and their life become easier with that
  6. Providing more by writing less on documentations
  7. Deleting codes, much more than I wrote
  8. Getting any kind of constructive feedback
  9. Seeing appreciation after my efforts

My Ideal Development Environment & Priorities

  1. Secure
  2. Available/Performant
  3. Fast
  4. Easy to use & manage
  5. Integrated
  6. Extendable & Componentized
  7. Easy to develop
  8. Standardized
  9. Tested
  10. Maintainable
  11. Backed up & Revertible
  12. Automatized
  13. Documented
  14. Simple & Efficient structure
  15. Monitorable
  16. Scalable
  17. Accessible & Compliant
  18. Globalized & Localized
  19. New & reliable technology
  20. Open Source

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