Career & Team Development

  1. Team Building & Growth – I help creating high skilled and efficient cross functional dev team according to their needs
  2. Interviewing – I assist making a good technical interviewing plan, or I do the whole interview process
  3. Workflow Improvement – I help dev teams to have seamless work flow to have seamless results
  4. Career Development & Mentoring/Coaching – I help dev teams to have a good career path, and share my experiences to guide them individually
  5. Training Planning – I help dev teams to have their improvement plan and schedule
  6. Change Management & Agility – I help companies for their positive change plans smoothly, like starting remote working, being agile, etc.
  7. Leadership Development – I help cross-functional team managers to be great leaders which are also humble and servant
  8. Strategy & Planning – I contribute to the technological and strategic planning, aligning the dev direction with business objectives and grow
  9. Budgeting & Resource Allocation – I determine and manage budgets for projects and team resources

Technical Consultation/Contribution

  1. Project Planning & Execution – I create detailed plans for either large or small scale project, and I help executing with your cross-functional team
  2. Dev Environments & Architecture – I help creating your efficient and sustainable architecture and development environment for your needs
  3. Automations & CI/CD – I help automating your repetitive tasks such as testing, security checks, coding standards, linters, and implementing them to dev team’s CI/CD pipelines
  4. Scaling & Performance Optimization – I assist clients who have a lot of traffic either to scale horizontally, or to increase their performance with their existing infrastructure
  5. Cost Optimization – I create plan for clients who want their projects cost as low as possible
  6. Security – I guide clients hardening & securing their applications in many ways possible
  7. Backup Management – I help keeping web apps’ data backed up securely and frequently
  8. Maintenance – I create software maintenance plans for clients who wants their apps to be future proof
  9. Monitoring – I help clients to have useful monitoring systems to catch issues on their apps or websites before their users or Google catches
  10. Accessibility – I guide clients to have more accessible and WCAG compliant websites & apps
  11. Documentation – I help companies to have simple, readable and useful documentations to spread their know-how to existing & future employees
  12. Code Review Sessions – I train development teams to code in best practices by doing code review sessions, or by guiding & improving their code review strategies
  13. “How to do it” Sessions – I help dev teams in any subject that they need to know how to do it in best practices, answer any questions they have
  14. Pair Programming – I do pair programming sessions to improve development skills of teams in specific frameworks/languages


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