Previous Work & Projects


Invicti Security

Principal Web Developer

– Planned, designed, and developed incremental custom testing automations system to catch SEO and other bugs on each published content(page, post, etc.) faster (Deno, Docker)
– Developed a dashboard for the testing automations system (Astro, Svelte)
– Planned & Executed: Performance optimizations for Core Web Vitals (CloudFlare, AWS, NGINX, PHP, 3rd Parties)
– Designed tiny JS/PHP tools to help speeding up the team on various projects
– Maintenance & performance consistency plans have been done

Senior Manager, Websites Technical

– Planned & Executed: Invicti 2023 rebranding transition without any downtime or content update delays
– Improved & optimized infrastructure and monitoring systems
– Planned & Executed: Long term and short term infrastructure performance & cost optimizations, modernizations for scalability, security, and availability
– Planned & Executed: Reducing & securing our 3rd party tools

Technical Manager, Websites

– Created a highly capable WordPress engineering team
– Two corporate websites (Netsparker & Acunetix) 2021 rebranding project
– Planned & executed: +15 year old .Net live corporate website with over 5K unique data to multisite WordPress, part by part via AWS ELB
– Git arrangements for WordPress and branch based staging environments deployment
– NGINX server configurations stored in version control system
– Local, Staging and Production environments equalized as much as possible, and containerized
– Local working environment optimized with Docker & WPRun
– Block/Component development layout + Gutenberg Block Development with ACF
– CI/CD pipelines for staging and production environments via TeamCity & GitLab
– Development workflow optimized and applied to JIRA
– Code review step implemented to development workflow
– Lots of security hardening have been done
– Automated security checking systems integrated (SCA, SAST, DAST, IAST)
– QA step improvements with Automations and E2E tests
– Coding Standards (PHPCS + Configuration + Style & Script Linters) enforced
– Agile transformation for the team (Scrum)
– Monthly two-hour “Websites Tech Talks & Trainings” scheduled
– Weekly “Training Hours” and “No Meeting Day” scheduled
– Over 20 documentations created for various subjects like development workflow, infrastructure and deployment diagrams, onboarding, interviews, testing, user and developer guides, etc.
– Planned & Executed: Netsparker to Invicti brand transition


Web Development Manager

– Web Development flow have been improved and some tools have been developed to speed up.
– Planned and documentations created for fresh theme development, maintenance, security, optimizations, etc.

– Managing the development department and ensuring the quality of the products we deliver.
– Coaching and mentoring developers

Lead Web Developer

Leading the web development team. Started working remotely from Turkey.
– Worked on over 70 different websites projects (eCommerce, retail, technology, corporate, listing, …)
– Theme and plugin development
– Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
– Cross platform email development
– Photoshop, Sketch, Figma

Senior Web Developer

Development of clients’ custom rebranded WordPress themes, web applications, and responsive custom email templates.
– WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
– Photoshop


WordPress Plugins

CodeKit WP Plugin

Your custom SASS, CSS, JS and PHP customizations in same directory with the best advanced code editor. Just “Command + S” to save, and much more.

Responsivity Tool

A WP plugin that allows to make mobile responsivity arrangements easier for web projects. You can also send a link to your clients to show them how their websites look on specific devices or some custom screen sizes.

Under Construction WP Plugin

This is the simplest plugin to restrict a WordPress site to the public. You can allow them by IP or user role.

Admin Menu Editor WP Plugin

The simplest and easiest WordPress admin menu restriction plugin.

Web Application


Very easy multi-project WordPress development environment with Docker.

Revisionary App

The new live feedback tool for live websites. You can change any website as you wish. Started as a side project and it’s got bigger and made me learn a lot.

Web Estimator

Free Web Design/Development Cost and Time Estimate


What I’m doing now