Things to check before buying a used Macbook

Here’s my checklist before buying a used Macbook:

  • Does it have box and receipt?
  • Cosmetic issues?
  • Passwords? (does it have all the passwords such as admin user, firmware and iCloud passwords)
  • Screen brightness (make it brightest and check if any death pixels)
  • Physical screen!
  • Keyboard Test (with keyboard lights – you might not able to see the keyboard lights in bright spaces)
  • Trackpad (check Multitouch, 4 fingers, 3 fingers,..)
  • See USB ports (if any broken things)
  • Wi-fi + Bluetooth test
  • Camera (Open Photo Booth app)
  • Speakers (make it loudest and check)
  • Battery ( About this mac > System Report > Power > Cycle Count should be lower than about 700 ) 
  • Speed test (open some apps, folders)
  • Charger is fine?





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